Spring 2023 Guide to Must-Have Clothing for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Spring 2023 Guide to Must-Have Clothing for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Spring weather can be unpredictable, with fluctuating temperatures and unexpected weather changes. As the season transitions from winter to spring, it is important to have the right clothing to stay warm and comfortable. While it may be tempting to pack away all the winter clothing, we all know that's not the best move.

And while layering can be helpful, sometimes you just straight up want the flexibility to stay warm without any bulk.

Here are a few items from our store worth checking out for spring weather. 


Half-Zip Pullover

The key to any spring second layer: It has to be thin enough to be removed when it's too hot but warm enough to keep you cozy when the sun goes down.

Our 1/2 zip heated pullover does just that, making it the perfect item when you know you'll be on the go all day. Need something quick to throw on before walking the dog on a 50-degree morning? Our lightweight material will keep you warm as your step counter racks up the numbers while also avoiding overheating.

Headed out into the woods for a night of camping? Throw the pullover in your backseat and crank up the heat when the sun goes down and the bonfire isn't doing the job.

Versatility is what sets the pullover apart from any other clothing item.


Slim-Fit Hoodie

If you take a look at the weather and don't think a half-zip will do the trick, then the slim-fit hoodie is the next step up. Warm by itself thanks to its polyester/spandex exterior and soft polyester lining, you might not even need the heated components on most spring days.

That said, when that spring cold kicks in, this thing packs a punch. The slim-fit hoodie can crank up the heat to 150 degrees and last more than four hours on a single charge.


Flannel Shirt

Done with the extra layers and just want a stylish piece of heated gear you can wear out on the town for a night out? Rock a flannel and be ready for anywhere the night takes you.

Our 5V flannel comes in both red and blue options and melds style and function, making it the perfect piece of gear for any occasion. No one's looked out of place inside a bar or out sitting by a campfire.

For those who work outside, the flannel's tough exterior also makes it a perfect fit for those chilly spring mornings. 

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