Heated Clothing Technology

by actionheat™


Safe Heating Technology

ActionHeat™ uses power banks to power your garment while also charging your phone, tablet, or any USB charged device.

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Built-In Heat Panels

ActionHeat™ uses innovative built-in heating panel technology that provides lightweight warmth, comfort, and versatility by warming your core body temperature.

5V ActionHeat™

Our signature Ghost Mode allows you to turn off the LED Light on your clothing while still keeping you heated by simply pressing the switch on the side of your temperature control button.


Heated Temperature Control

Control your climate with the push of a button for multi-zone heating that allows you to enjoy the winter outdoors longer than ever before.

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Quality Insulation and Warmth

ActionHeat™ heating panels are made with an advanced thermal seal that provides ultimate durability and moisture protection. Using top quality materials, our gear is safe to use in any weather and stands up to the elements.