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ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Cable Knit Hat & Scarf Bundle


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The ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Cable Knit Hat is designed to keep your head warm when during winter activities. Featuring a stylish design, the hat traps your head's natural heat, you will love the extra comfort of strategically placed heating panels on both ears.

Once the cable knit hat is powered on, the heating elements quickly heat up your ears and head in just a few seconds. The rechargeable 5V lithium-polymer batteries deliver 3 levels of heat, controlled by the temperature controller on the hat. The hat can reach a maximum temperature of 130F while lasting up to 4.5 hours.

The ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Cable Knit Wrap Scarf is a stylish option to keep your neck warm & comfortable when the weather turns cold. Enjoy hours of soothing warmth on the back of your neck with just a push of a button.

With a plush, super soft fleece lining, the scarf is warm and cozy and reaches a temperature of 150F. This scarf is a perfect gift during the holidays and a great winter accessory.


  • Charge Up - Fully charge power banks with provided charger kit.
  • Plug-In - Connect the power bank to the USB plug located in the pocket on the back of the head
  • Plug-In - Connect the power bank to USB plug located in the pocket on the back of the neck
  • Turn On - Press and hold touch-button control for 3 seconds. Press touch-button to adjust the temperature.


  • Built-in heating panels strategically placed over both ears
  • Built-in heating panel strategically placed on the neck
  • Touch-button control technology (3 settings)
  • 4 LED power indicators display power banks battery life
  • Battery Voltage: 5-Volt
  • Sizes Available: Unisex - One Size
  • Battery-Powered Heating: This winter cap is equipped with innovative heating elements that distribute warmth evenly across your head, ensuring a comfortable experience even in freezing temperatures. The built-in 5V battery powers the heating elements and can be conveniently recharged via USB.
  • Adjustable Heat Settings: This comfy hat offers customizable warmth with three adjustable heat settings, allowing you to choose the desired level of heat according to your preference and the weather conditions. You can easily switch between low, medium, and high heat settings with a simple button press.
  • Soft and Stylish Design: The cable knit pattern of this winter wear adds a touch of elegance to your winter wardrobe. Crafted from soft material and cozy fleece lining, it provides a comfortable fit while also ensuring excellent heat retention.
  • Portable and Lightweight: ActionHeat's Battery Heated Cable Knit fleece hat is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for travel and outdoor activities. The hat can be folded or rolled up, allowing you to conveniently pack it in your bag or pocket when not in use.
  • Long Battery Life: With its energy-efficient 3000 mAh power, the hat's rechargeable battery can last for up to four hours on a single charge, depending on the heat setting used. This ensures prolonged warmth during your outdoor adventures without worrying about the battery running out quickly.
  • Adjustable Heating Settings: The heated knit wrap features three customizable heating settings, allowing you to select your preferred level of warmth. With adjustable heat controls, you can tailor the scarf's temperature to suit your comfort needs, ensuring you stay cozy without overheating.
  • Battery Pack Included: This scarf comes equipped with a discreet and lightweight 5V battery pack that powers the heating elements. This battery ensures that you can enjoy warmth up to 150°F.
  • Long-lasting Heat: Experience extended hours of warmth with the ActionHeat scarf's efficient heating technology. The advanced battery provides consistent heat for up to 4.5 hours on the lowest setting, making it the ideal winter apparel for outdoor activities, travel, and everyday use. Stay comfortably warm and protected from the cold throughout the day.
  • Premium Cable Knit Design: Blending fashion and functionality, the electric scarf boasts a classic cable knit design that adds a touch of elegance to your winter ensemble. The intricate cable pattern not only enhances the scarf's aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its exceptional heat retention capabilities, ensuring the warmth stays close to your body.
  • Versatile Styling: The generous size of this unisex scarf allows for versatile styling options. Whether you prefer draping it over your shoulders for a relaxed look or wrapping it snugly around your neck for extra warmth, the scarf's dimensions provide flexibility in how you wear it. It's a perfect accessory for both casual and formal occasions.

Material Contents:

  • Breathable acrylic blend with fleece lining
  • An advanced heat-trapping insulation layer
  • Ultra-fine carbon fiber heating panels
  • Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Outer shell: 53% Nylon, 32% Wool, 15% Acrylic

Estimated Heating Times (Hat):

  • High (Red): 150F - 2.5+ Hours
  • Medium (White): 130F - 3+ Hours
  • Low (Blue): 110F - 5+ Hours

Estimated Heating Times (Scarf):

  • High (Red): 150F - 2+ Hours
  • Medium (White): 130F - 3+ Hours
  • Low (Blue): 110F - 4.5+ Hours


  • (1) ActionHeat 5V Heated Cable Knit Hat
  • (1) ActionHeat 5V Heated Cable Knit Wrap Scarf
  • (1) ActionHeat 5V Power Bank (3000mAh)
  • (1) USB Charging Kit

The majority of ActionHeat products are shipped from Ohio, ensuring speedy delivery to all locations across the United States & Canada

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Durable 5V Heated Headwear
Built-In Heat Panels

ActionHeat uses innovative technology to warm your core body temperature with built-in heating panels that provide lightweight warmth, comfort, and versatility.

Unique & Innovative
Heat Reflective Technology

ActionHeat apparel uses FAR infrared heating technology to warm core body temperatures with a soft, flexible material that provides hours of comfort and warmth.

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ActionHeat offers the most versatile clothing batteries on the market. Experience hours of comfort using our patented 3V, 5V, or 7V powerbank signal technology.

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