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ActionHeat 5V Reclining Heated Stadium Seat

ActionHeat 5V Reclining Heated Stadium Seat


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The ActionHeat 5V battery heated reclining stadium seat is the ultimate portable heated seat for any outdoor event. The seat adjusts to 6 different reclining positions that provide comfort and versatility to take on any outdoor event. The stadium seat can also be reclined to a flat position. Featuring two extra-large heating panels strategically placed to keep you warm for up to 6.5+ hours. With a hidden, waterproof battery pocket and touch-button control, 3 heat settings are available ranging between 145F to 110F.


  1. Charge Up – Fully charge power banks with provided charger kit.
  2. Plug-In – Connect the power bank to the USB plug located in the pocket on the top of the cushion
  3. Turn On – Press and hold the touch-button control on the cushion for 3 seconds. Press the touch-button to adjust the temperature.


  • 2 Extra-large, built-in heating panels strategically placed on the seat cushion, and on the back.
  • Easily adjustable to 6 different reclining positions, including a flat position
  • Touch-button control technology (3 settings)
  • 4 LED power indicators display the power bank's battery life
  • Adjustable carry straps for easy travel
  • Waterproof Battery Pocket
  • Battery Voltage: 5-Volt
  • The flat dimensions are 32" long x 20.5" wide x 2.5" thick

Material Contents:

  • Shell: 100% Polyester
  • Cushion: 100% Foam
  • Water-resistant outer shell
  • Ultra-fine carbon fiber heating panels

Estimated Heating Times:

  • High (Red): 145F – 3+ Hours
  • Medium (White): 130F - 4.5+ Hours
  • Low (Blue): 110F – 6.5+ Hours


  • (1) ActionHeat 5V Heated Folding Stadium Seat
  • (1) ActionHeat 5V Power Bank (9300mAh)
  • (1) USB Charging Kit

Most ActionHeat ships from Ohio, making shipping very quick to all parts of the US.

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